OP & NED is on a mission in the intersection of art, design and architecture. We we design outdoor spaces as  active tools to create change.


We create children's outdoor playgrounds that are beautiful, imaginative and innovative in collaboration with some of the world's best playground makers, city developers and experts - the children themselves.

To ensure that it is always the best idea realized, we have our own wood production and close cooperation with skilled suppliers for other materials.


I 2030 bor 75% af verdens børn i byerne.

Det kræver nytænkning.

Interplay between the object and the child makes his total world — play. He exploits the vitality of his environment and draws upon his imagination to create his world.

M. Paul Friedberg, 1970

Because it’s difficult to find non-commercial playground information. And I find that frustrating.
Because a playground doesn’t have to cost a million bucks and come in a box. In fact, it’s better if it doesn’t.
Because playgrounds are under-recognized as an artistic medium.
Because everybody loves a playground.

Paige Johnson, 2008

A creative playground is only half a creative space; it’s also a creative attitude. And we’re changing attitudes as much as we’re changing spaces.

Jay Beckwith, 1973

We offer


Insert translation here… Til hvert nyt børnebyrum vi udvikler sammensættes en kreativ gruppe, der følger projektet gennem alle faser. OP&NED består af en researcher med ekspertise i børns leg en designer, en arkitekt, en ingeniør og produktionsfolk som har kompetencer indenfor arkitektur, trends, materialer, teknologi til bevægelse og produktion i træ og metal. 

Design and development

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Knowledge and trends

Our solutions always depend on your area and its history as well as the type of children and adults who live in the area. At the same time, we contribute knowledge of the latest and most interesting trends in the development of urban spaces for children from all over the world.